ALCN Inc promotes the inclusive concept of learning as the key driver to deliver solutions for the development and improvement of sustainable learning communities across Australia, often building networks and partnerships across governments, public and private organisations.

Learning, innovation, and social capital are closely intertwined. A growing body of academic research show that people who engage in community activities are more likely to be participating in learning, and that organisations with strong internal and external linkages are more likely to adopt new and successful approaches in the way they conduct their business.

Conversely, people who are pursuing new skills and knowledge are more likely to engage in civic life, while successful innovative organisations are likely to build and contribute to networks and clusters.

We want to achieve life-long connected learning communities that are characterized by:

  • Having a shared set of values
  • A shared focus on the local community or neighbourhood
  • Agreed set of rules for working together
  • Committed people who are willing to work together as a catalyst for establishing and sustaining a learning community or learning city
  • A focus on social and economic resilience and growth